Even when following tradition to the letter, a wedding should reflect a couple’s hopes, passion and love. I ensure that both traditional values and personal preferences are adhered to through careful consultation with the couple.

My dedication to privacy, empathy and discretion have made me the choice of many couples who value the privacy and intimacy of being married in their choice of venue. This service is available for anyone who prefers a small-scale private ceremony or grand and large scale event.



  • Marriage registrations
    If your wedding was conducted by someone who is not a registered marriage officer, a not uncommon practice, I can take care of all the necessary legalities, paperwork and registration for you.
  • For couples who do not wish to conduct a ceremony, I can ensure your marriage is properly registered. I will ensure all this is done without you having to see the inside of the Home Affairs offices!
  • Naming Ceremonies - You can speak to me about your unique requirements!
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